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Top features

Account analysis

Transactions analysis and categorization enable pattern identification and spending behaviour

Customer analysis

From transactions we indentify more than 100 KPIs and personal and financial indicators to give a snapshot on the customer Creditworthiness

Loan Management

Our partners can creates custom loan products, manages conditions and have instant approval and disbursement mechanism

Use case scenarios

Credit evalutaion worthiness

We use customer’s alternative data to evaluate credit eligibility, enriching banks scorecards and decision models. The most used KPIs selected by our banking partners use are: wealth indicators, Spending indicators, Liabilities indicators and Risk indicators

Cross & Up selling

We find patterns and create customer clusters based on  spendig behaviour.
This information are used as marketing insights to improve targeted up & cross sellling
strategies.  If a user has similar KPIs to the cluster credit card owner, we’ll trigger an event to our partner bank

Customer engagement

From the transactions history and financial behaviour we improve customer profiling and we enhance CRM strategy and actions that increase engagement and loyalty rates.

Loan management

Through this module, the partner bank can personalize the loan product based on customer age, customer KPIs, or date (e.g. black friday) without touching the core-banking. In addition, it will have access to a dashboard were and control all its credit performances and exposure

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